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LoveLeys Hair Curl Academy & Virtual Workshop

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Learn how to Care for and Define Your Natural Hair like a Pro, even if you feel like your curls never last, you've tried every product and watched every tutorial. 

Do You Struggle With:

  • Knowing which products to use when styling.
  • Your Curls always feel Dry and Undefined
  • Always researching and trying every tutorial but nothing seems to make your curls last more than a day.
  • Being newly Natural, you just don't know where to start, and need direction.

During This Class You're Going To Learn :

The truth about Curl Types, so you will know when and when not to use them. 

How to Shampoo and section your Curls, to increase Curl Definition.

The exact products and tools I use for enhancing curls, so you can skip guessing what you need.

My proven "Every Part Method" that will lower stress with detangling, so you won't have to fight against your hair.

Have a start to finish tutorial of my Trusted Curly Defining technique, because visual instructions will help you get it right!


E-Guide Included with Video Training

The Curly Girl CheckList & E-Book as your handy dandy guide to maintaining your curls ($25 Value)