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If you are expecting the average salon experience, this is not the place for you.

We do things very differently here at LoveLeys Hair.

Our Mission is being Licensed and DeVoted to helping you Love your natural hair.

With this in mind, everything on this site is focused on supporting your hair journey.

Wherever you are, and what you've experienced in the past, we are here to help you elevate and grow your relationship with your hair.

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A community built to help with your natural haircare routine, styling and how to reach your hair goals.

If you are anything like me,

I know you want the answers to make caring for hair easier.​

LoveLeys Natual Hair Academy was created as a resource for you because I understand how the journey to loving your hair can be overwhelming, and stressful at times.

As a natural myself, I get it, and built this course as your online digital home for all things Natural Hair.​

Register Below, so you can join the communtiy curated to answer all your kinky, coily and curly questions and concerns.

-Haley <3


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Haley Smith found a passion for haircare on the journey learning to loving her own natural curls. Haley was raised in Southern New Jersey and grew up with a single mother who knew very little about hair. At age 7, she became her own stylist and realized she enjoyed styling hair.

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I have been a client of Haley’s for awhile now but there is so much about her and her business that continue to keep me coming back. She is more concerned about the customer and the quality of her work above all else. She is the utmost professional and values your time. Don’t think twice about allowing her to be the one to take you on your hair journey.


4 years ago today, I was introduced to Haley...best decision I ever made for my hair! Love the atmosphere she creates in her salon, making you feel right at home! My hair is definitely healthier because of her. But just as important, she is a great person all around...grateful to know her!


I went in for a consultation about my heat damaged hair and we talked about my plans to getting my hair back to a healthy state. My consultation was great I’m excited about my next appointment she made me feel so good and we talked about my plans and what to do from here and I’m just super excited about where we’re going with my healthy hair journey.