Booking FAQs

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We want to anticipate any concerns and prevent any issues that may come up as you look into booking with us. That’s why we provide comprehensive answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Hopefully you find what you’re looking for, but be sure to let us know if there’s anything more we can help you with.


All styles come with a consultation, shampoo, and conditioning (Unless booking a DRY CUT).


Services added in the notes section will not guarantee the service will be added to the appointment, EVERY SERVICE desired must be booked.

CUTS/TRIMS & TREATMENTS CAN NOT BE BOOKED ALONE or the appointment will be CANCELLED. All cuts and trims must be booked with a style or chemical service.


Appointments are open 1 month in advance at the end of the previous month. ( ex, Availability for June is released towards the end of May)

 If you are not able to find availability, please add yourself to the waitlist.

 Instructions are below:


WAIT LIST: If the date you want is not available it will prompt you to select another date or 'Add To Wait List'.

By adding yourself to the Wait List, you may select up to 5 dates your available. 

When someone cancels on any of those dates, you are immediately contacted via email, press BOOK in the email to accept the appointment. You will have one hour to respond to the email.

Please be sure to add ALL the services you wish to receive on that date. If the services are not added it is not guaranteed to be done!


All are required to pay a non-refundable deposit before your appointment is accepted.

Please do not proceed if you do not agree with a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. You will have to Pay the deposit  when booking your appointment. The deposit goes towards your appointment as long as you do not NO SHOW or CANCEL WITHIN 48 HOURS OF YOUR APPOINTMENT.

You may transfer your deposit 1x to a later date if you need to reschedule. This only applies if you do not cancel within 48 hours of your appointment time or No Show. 


In order to continue providing the best Dependable, and Accurate scheduling options to guests, We do have a firm Cancellation Policy-- 


if your appointment is cancelled or rescheduled more than 1x you will lose this Deposit.

72 hours notice REQUIRED to cancel or reschedule your visit (you will receive a 72 hr appointment reminder so please ensure you text and email notifications are ON). Should you cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours notice, a $25 per service fee does apply and will be due before a new appointment is scheduled.


more than 10-15minlate = fee $15 will be applied. 15 min later the apptchanged/cancelled. -

Clients cancelling with less than 24 hours of your scheduled appointment will be required to pay 50% of the services reserved in order to continue booking. NOSHOW appointments will be responsible for paying 100% of service cost

NO SHOWS do not get booked again and all future appointments are canceled.


With Priority prebooking, you may pay a $20 Booking Fee to book a future appointment in the months that are not currently open to the public.

*For example, you may pay a $20 Booking Fee in August to secure your appointment before the schedule opens for September and October. It is $20 per appointment you book, which does not go towards your appointment. Once the schedule opens to the public, you may change your appointment but the fee is NONREFUNDABLE.

 If you send an email without all of the information listed it will delay your reservation. We will only send you an invoice for the $20 if that time and day is available(we suggest you request 1-3 dates to ensure more options).

 We recommend you pay the invoice immediately to secure that spot.



When a client wants an appointment at a time we are generally not working, including before scheduled shift, later than scheduled shift, on a day off or the salon is normally closed.

Premium= 1.5x regular Price

(ex: If the Service is normally $100 the premium booking will be $150)