Haley Smith found a passion for haircare on the journey learning to loving her own natural curls. Haley was raised in Southern New Jersey and grew up with a single mother who knew very little about hair. At age 7, she became her own stylist and realized she enjoyed styling hair.  After many failed trips to hair salons, Haley discovered a void in the hair industry. She realized there was a lack of “Love” and passion in haircare. After gaining a degree in communications, Haley later moved to Virginia, to further her education in the hair industry and acquire a cosmetology license.​

Once licensed, Haley explored many areas of hair styling. She has specialized in bridal, color, and custom wig creation. A few years in, she decided to devote herself to giving clients what she was always missing, Compassion, Love and Education for natural Hair. She began studying methods of cutting and caring for curly hair and soon carved out a lane of her own. Thus creating LoveLey’s Hair; her salon specializing in Curly hair, extensions and overall hair health.

Haley has been published in magazines, including Essence and VPM, and has interviewed on local news channels such as NBC12. She has also trained under celebrity stylists like Metowi, and recently gained mentorship from Yene Damtews Academy. Haley thrives on continuing education, growth, and encouraging her clients and fellow hairstylists to embrace curly hair. In her free time Haley enjoys travel and gaining inspiration from beauty all around the world.